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Dr. B.K. Chandra Shekhar  Knowledge That Can Change Your Life A Therapy that was invented 5000 Years Before. Practise Meditation-because Google Dosn't Have Some Answers

enlightenedenlightenedHurry!  Book your seat for    Four days camp Himalaya at Kullu-Manali.  Departure from Delhi by Volvo by 05 pm on   5th Apr and Arrived at Delhi by 06 AM on 10th Apr 2017.4mail-----enlightenedenlightened    

Welcome to Sigfa Solutions

Sigfa "Just like Life---SIGFA—is a miracle in its base—for the beginner, the bystander, the outside witness—a gimmick or an enigma?—for those who have known—its life, science and logic married to higher ideals of existence…and beyond." is a National NGO providing services in the field of education, healing, mind development, memory enhancement empowering human beings developed their innate qualities, values and potentials own their on for the success and benefit of the self, family and fellow human beings.

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Seminar At Army Station Kota

Dr. B.K. Chandra Shekhar "Come! Dive into the waters of free, blissful and convivial spiritual frequencies—and become a new you! " was conducting seminar of Memory and Mind Empowerment.
80 People were joined the workshop.

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Dr. B.K. Chandra Shekhar "A positive state of mind does lead to psycho-somatic changes—secretion of feel good hormones like endorphin and even capsizing of fatal situations turning into wellsprings of well being CAUSING IMMUNO-MODULATORY OVERTURNS TOWARDS RESUSCITATING LIFE. "

A person who has awakened his life from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge as revealed by God. Now awakening many ignorant and hopeless people.

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