Azeem Dana

Azeem Dana, CHt – Clinical Hypnotherapist has completed M. Sc. in Counselling Psychology and PG Diploma in Memory Development & Psychoneurobics. He is a visiting Psychologist and Hypnotherapist at Global Hospital Trauma Care, Mount Abu. He has been certified from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, California – U.S.A endorsed by the American Hypnosis Association (AHA) and accepted by the Hypnotherapist’s Union Local 472 and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM) and Hypnotherapy School of India (Validated by GHSC-U.K). He is a Certified Basic and Advance Pranic Healer, Pranic Psychotherapist, Past Life regressionist, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP-USA) Practitioner and trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). He is a member of the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NFNLP-USA). He has also undergone training for HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT from Dubai Institute of Business Management.

Over several years of experience in the field of Spirituality since childhood, sustained and nurtured by the most Elevated Divine Versions of God-Father through RajaYoga Centers in Dubai and India for more than 14years, Azeem has studied the psychology of mind and knows how it can be used to effectively help people overcome a variety of issues like overcoming emotions, relieving from childhood traumas, overcoming fears and phobias, weight management, Deaddiction – smoking, drugs and alcohol cessation, stress management, sports excellence, exam anxieties, OCD, Anger, Sleep disorders, Suicidal thoughts, Memory, Concentration and relationship issues to name a few and training Nursing students and staff on Positive Thinking.

Azeem has involved in International business environment dealing with the Human resources in Multi National Organisations of Dubai, Abudhabi – UAE and Qatar. Also having travelled to United Kingdom and Muscat – middle east, as a result, he has an insight into both the professional stress management for the business world as well as the emotions created in individuals. There was an overwhelming response for Azeem during his visit to South America – Guyana, West Indies Carribean Islands – Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand and Suriname.

Azeem’s life mission has become sharing the secrets to overcome the emotions and heal the self and body in a natural way, revealing the limitations that have kept the mind imprisoned, thereby breaking free to a more empowered life. After extensive study and personal practice, Azeem created a unique cutting edge approach and become a part of the Psycho Analysis and Delta Healing, introduced by Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Counselling and Hypnotherapy Course introduced by Brahmakumaris World Spiritual Godly University in association with Annamalai University and Emotional Healing Programs of Rangsit University, Thailand.

Azeem is the author of the widely sold books “Instant Healing” and “Heal your body and mind” .


Dr. Dipak Chaubey
National Memory Record holder (India Book of Records)

Dr. Dipak Chaubey has more than a decade of experience in the field of mind and memory training (National Record Holder; India Book of Records 2010) also a Psychoneurobics Expert has been working in the field of Mind & Memory Training for a decade.After completing Masters in Mass Communications and having brief career in Journalism he developed his interest towards Mind and Memory training. He has so far given conducted more than 1000 seminars and workshops He is proud to have won the favor of concerned parents/ guardians and boast to have received lot of acclamations and possess the testimony of many reputed names in the field of education. In today's fast growing competitive world, students undergo lot of stress and pressure in order to keep pace with it. Therefore, it becomes imperative to mend the traditional and not so productive ways of learning.The main objective of his Mind-Memory Workshop is to unleash the enormous potential of the sub conscious mind which very few successful people have used so far. Thereby making learning easy and fast. The workshop provides various life skill techniques to remain positive all the time. His practical approach makes study a fun filled activity. As a result, students love to study, learn fast and perform better.

His next level of workshop on Psycho Neurobics deals with experiencing the Healing Current from the Supreme Soul, the Almighty God Father to remain healthy and discover the doctor within right from Day 1. The workshop reveals the secret of the invisible doctor, the way it functions in all living beings.



Dr Renu Arora

Dr. Renu Arora is a versatile woman with a remarkable personality filled with professionalism. Her experience of 10 years in various industries has always been in the area of Alliances and Partnerships. She has worked with SRS club as a manager for three years. To mention a few of her feats, one of them is of a unique record breaking event in which she attempted to memorize a list of more than 419 objects told to her by the audience in a random order. Just by listening to the words and in a time span of 2 hours, 10 minutes and 36 seconds she succeeded in reciting 392 words in 27 minutes for which she was given India Book of Record title. She has also worked with DAV Institute of Management for one year as a stress Management Counsellor. She is a qualified Naturopath doctor and a Dietician. She's currently pursuing Ph.D. from Florida University. She's also a specialist in Delta Healing, Past Life Regression, Psycho Neurobics and Breath Work. Dr. Renu Arora is the embodiment of a powerful, strong and a righteous woman, who knows how to achieve her dreams. She has always supported the cause for equal rights for girls and feels that every girl has the right to choose her career and way of life. Her motto is to spread happiness, peace, harmony and positivity to the world. She has already begun her journey on this path.


Dr. Suman Gupta

Dr. Suman Gupta is a Psycho Neurobics expert who did her M.Sc as well as Ph.D in Psycho Neurobics. The subject intrigued her so much that she decided to explore more. Having been bestowed by an enquiring, scientific and a spiritual bent of mind, she was determined to test its efficacy on herself first. The results were amazing and the side effects were an unburdened psyche and a positive frame of mind!

She is continuously rendering her voluntary services at SIGFA Healing Centre, ECHS Faridabad. All serving and retired service personnel and their families are getting immense benefit. She is guiding and healing others.

Mrs. Meenu

She has been associated with SIGFA Solutions for last two years as a Master Trainer. She counsels and gives professional guidance to the needy who visit the Holistic Healing Centre located in ECHS Complex, Faridabad.

Her experience till date has been extra ordinary and has given her immense satisfaction and happiness.

This spiritual service has enabled her to utilise the knowledge imbibed by her from the senior faculties and experts on matters/problems faced by all and sundry including ex-servicemen and their families.

Dr. Aruna Khurana

Life is lifeless without health. I have a strong passion for learning and imbibing healthy lifestyle in my own life along with facilitating for the same in others life too. This makes me a natural instrument serving in Health domain. These lines describe the motto of Dr Aruna. She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and spiritual aspirant. She did Diploma and M.Sc in Psycho Neurobics from Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University. She is running SIGFA Health Clinic since 2010 and lots of people got healed from all types illnesses.


Dr. Col J N Pandey
M.Sc(PN), Ph.D (Alt Medicine), B.E. (Mech)

Col J N Pandey having served with Indian Army for over three and half decades took his retirement to further his literary pursuits. During his long innings with Army, he has served in most difficult Border Areas like Sikkim, J&k, Chinese and Pakistan Borders in varied important Appointments including command and Staff and a long stint with Army training institutes. He also took active part in 1971 Indo-Pakistan Operations.

Besides, being an excellent sports person, he is a born leader and trainer with extraordinary skills. His contributions as Director Training with Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering and Delhi Community College has been praise worthy in bringing up and raring the Institute from the scratch and translating his rich experience of Army carrier into progress of the Institute and the College which has earned name and fame as a very fast growing and premier vocational training institutes. Under his leadership, DCC has been recognized as a center of excellence with very high standard of training in a very short span of time. During his long innings, as Principal Director of RCM Engineering and Management College, Disha college for B.Ed. and Dalal College of Engineering the Institutes became one of the best in Haryana. He is also the active member of many trainers faculty as his style of oration and lectures on Leadership, Personality Development, Psycho-Neurobics and Fire & Industrial Safety creates tremendous impact on the students and the corporate world. He is one of the best faculties of SAMKALP, the professional institute for Civil Services Examinations. He being a social worker leads the team of a famous NGO called Parivartan which is fighting against corruption in Government departments. He feels that Society has given him much more than he ever expected, thus he provides free consultancy to needy in alternative medicine, Psycho Neurobics methods of treatments and Coaching for academic and professional skills. Looking for some more social work avenues to pay back to Society.


Dinesh Kalia

Dinesh is a multi-faceted and multi-talented person featured in different areas like HR/ Training. He is a well-known motivational speaker encouraging people to deliver elite prformance and Stress free life through Psycho-Neurobics.

As a head of training & development of IFFCO Aonla Unit, developed various batches of engineers and managers to give their best performance. Dinesh is a leading trainer on soft skills, Leadership and quality performance training.

He has innovated and formulated many training modules for all managerial levels, which are appreciated and awarded at National level. Trained more than 10000 students/ faculties/professionals/Engineers from different parts of country and also trained engineers from Oman, Algeria and Middle East Countries.. His key strength is powerful participant engagement, delivery, achieve outcome and design new Modules

His purpose is to help the people / Institutions to grow to their desired state/ potential, realize their dreams and achieve Goals through training / counseling, ultimately help them in giving elite performance for Success in life.


Dr. Mahesh Dogra

A ready smile and commitment to serve humanity led Dr Mahesh Dogra on the path of spirituality. After serving a long and versatile corporate career, he is actively engaged in all social activities of many spiritual organizations. He did Ph.D. in Vedic Yoga from YOGA SAMSKRUTHAM UNIVERSITY- FLORIDA, USA. He learned the techniques of Self Healing through Psycho Neurobics and spreading the Divine teachings of Spiritual Incorporeal God Father (SIGFA).


Also known as Invisible Doctor

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