7 days online Life Changing workshop Post for : 20-12-2021

Topics of Workshops

  • What is happiness? What are you doing to be happy and healthy and have a balanced life?
  • Health and Happiness is something that we all want in our lives.
  • And the truth is we are looking for it in the outside world.
  • True happiness is enjoying your own company and living in peace and harmony with your body, mind and soul.
  • True happiness is state of mind constantly being in love with yourself, which can be achieved by connecting to your higher self. Discover the path of purposeful living through the miraculous therapy of Psycho Neurobics.
  • Psychoneurobics an advanced technique. The time has come when one should embrace the facts and acknowledge the necessity of self-healing through Psycho-Neurobics. This alternative therapy consists of three aspects a). Colour b). Sound c). Mudra. These techniques are designed while keeping in mind with holistic approach which removes negative energy, healing Chakras and improving mental strength.To overcome any illness or even dealing with day to day life’s stress and hurdle it’s very important to learn and practice such alternative therapy.
  • Our Facilitator Dr. Binny Chauhan will help you learn this advance technique. She is Master Trainer in Psycho Neurobics designated as Gujarat Head, SIGFA Solutions. She has conducted more than 100 Workshops, Webinars, and virtual programs in the last 4 years and trained thousands of people with Psycho Neurobics, and helped them live a Purposeful life.

Join us on 7 days online Life Changing workshop from 20-December-2021 to 27-December-2021.

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