The Mission of SIGFA Solutions is to empower each individual and elevate him spiritually. Under the aegis of Divine, we have developed some comprehensive exercises to improve health and well being by focusing on the trinity of body, mind and soul.

The whole philosophy, activities, approaches, and programmes at SIGFA are thus geared to enable and make every soul a better repository, container and vehicle of the pure and fundamental spiritual energy, behind everything existing.


To imbibe the knowledge and the techniques developed by Dr B K Chandrashekhar, as revealed by the Supreme, through transcendental meditation using means like

  • Literature, print media, publications
  • Workshops, seminars
  • Education modules as university courses, corporate training
  • Digital media
  • Social media

Self Healing Tools for Self empowerment

  • Yogic exercises, visualization and 3D concentration techniques
  • Psycho- Neurobics Meditation
  • Psyhco- Neuro- Immuno- Muscular exercises
  • Energizing Food and Water by Mind Power
  • Cleansing all Five Elements for Improving Living Standard