Academic & Examination

Candidates are admitted in either of the two academic sessions depending on the time of the admission request made. Please refer to the academic calendar below for the exams related information.

Academic Calender

Session Month Exam Held Project/Dissertation Submission Date Results
1 Jan - June 3-4th week of January 1 Week before the commencement of examinations. 3rd week of February
2 July - December 3-4th week of July 1 Week before the commencement of examinations. 3rd week of September

Course Details -:

All the courses offered are distance and online learning courses with practical training given as and when required. The candidate will only get classes for the practical subject on the dates fixed by the institute's management. Theory material will be sent to the candidate on candidate’s registered email address after initial payment of the course fee is complete. The candidate will receive the access to the subject material with 48 hours after the payment is made. The candidate has to do self-study by going through the theory material. Doubts of the candidates will be solved if any request is made to the institute. The classes given can either be live or in a pre-recorded lecture video format. The candidate will be given access to the study material only till their academic year. The candidate is requested to kindly be updated with the notification of the classes through WhatsApp/Website/Email. After the initial payment is completed for the course which the candidate has applied into, the candidate will receive a mail on his/her registered email address which would contain important documents and details related to Course and Admissions Rules Terms. Please read the mail carefully received and follow the instructions given in the mail sincerely.

Course Fee & Refund Rules :-

No admission amount to be paid in cash. The only way to pay is through online platform provided on sigfa solutions official website or Payment’s link/ Bank Details shared on the candidate registered Email I.D. from coe@sigfasolutions.com email addresses. No amount to be paid more than the fee details clearly listed on the “All Courses Page” published on www.sigfasolutions.com website. Sigfa Solutions holds no responsibility whatsoever of being responsible for any amount paid to or into someone’s account who is not authorized to collect other than the institution authorized channel prescribed above.

Candidate may apply for a 50 % refund of the total fee paid within 30 days from the date of payment of the course fee. After 30 days the candidate is not eligible to claim any refund of the course fee paid to the Sigfa Solutions institute. The candidate can initiate the refund process after submitting a refund application form which the candidate can ask from the institute.

After getting the refund application approved by the institute’s management the amount could take 2-3 Months in best case to be credited in the candidate’s account.

Eligibility :-

Sigfa Solutions has the sole authority and the right to reject the admission of the candidate if the candidate is found to be ineligible to take the admission in the course into which they have applied or paid the fee for. To see the eligibility criteria of the courses discipline please click on this link -

Admission Cancellation –:

Sigfa Solutions has the right to cancel the admission of the candidate at any stage of the course duration in which the candidate has enrolled themselves into, if the information given at the time of admission is found to be of incorrect nature or if the candidate displays inappropriate behavior with the fellow students or with Sigfa Solutions management.

Sigfa Solutions reserves the right to amend or modify these terms at any time, as and when the need arises. We request you to regularly check this page from time to time to keep you apprised of changes made.


The rules/terms/conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the administration. You are hereby requested to be updated with the new policies and terms/rules/conditions.

All the admission query’s to be addressed to the following Email I.D.
To: sigfasolutions@gmail.com CC: admin@sigfasolutions.com
& coe@sigfasolutions.com