"Psycho Neurobics as a Blessing"

Psycho Neurobics and Dr BK Chandra Shekhar both came in my life as a blessing in disguise. I was facing the worst condition of my life and I had became completely dependent on lifelong medicines due to brain haemorrhage. I had no any other option and almost all doctors were advising the same opinion.

But the regular Neurobic Spa meditation and the grace of Supreme Doctor changed the direction of my life and I am living my life as a new birth. Thanks a lot to Supreme Doctor and Dr BK Chandra Shekhar.

– Reenu Arora, Faridabad

"Positive Attitude from Psycho Neurobics"

First of all Thanks to Supreme Doctor and Dr. Chandra Shekhar Ji. Now I understand that disease persists in body only when we think again and again about the disease. But if we relax and give positive suggestions to our body nature, itself heals with the help of Supreme Doctor. People around me also have started observing remarkable change in my personality and positive attitude.

– Subhash Gandhi, Electrical engineer (BITS)

"Amazing Experience of Psycho Neurobics"

Dr. Chandra Shekhar's healing exercises is very powerful and is highly recommended for everyone. Any doubts I had about the exercise were absolutely erased when I started experiencing benefits of weight loss, physical fitness and higher energy level. I am now a huge believer in energy healing; it works.

Dr. Chandra Shekhar's healing exercises combine science, God's energy and hu­man mind together producing inner ener­gy that cures serious emotional and physi­cal illnesses. It is hands on – and deep meditation to use our own energy to cure our own illness and problems. It is not an illusion or delusion. You have to experience it to believe it. People of all races and religious background and of all ages tried the exer­cise and reported positive results.

– Vishnu Bandhu, Businessman, Guyana, South America

"Experience of Psycho Neurobics"

I have practically undergone the pro­cess of Psycho Neurobic Meditation (Neurobic Spa) developed by Dr. B. K. Chandrashekharjee. It is a real way of connecting yourself with God. If you believe hundred percent then result will certainly be hundred per­cent. However we require little prac­tice and guidance. It also helps to increase our Aura and we remain healthy and happy forever after do­ing this. Our mental and physical health grow up. We become a pure soul whom God likes to love. Our positive attitude go very high and all negative forces run away from us. Our thinking power becomes very high.

I am lucky that I have felt all this when I was undergoing this process of Psycho Neurobic Meditation guided by Dr. Chan­drashekharjee. I am sure whosoever will read this and undergo the process of Psycho Neurobic Meditation will definitely see the positive change in the state of Body, Mind and Soul. It will also help to start working much better than earlier by the connec­tion with Supereme source of Spiritual Energy (God).

– Dr. Satish Ahuja, Principal, D.A.V. College Faridabad

"Psycho Neurobics as a New Age Frontier"

Dr. Roop Singh, Best Doctor Award Winner (Social Medicine) Says "I am an M. D. in General Medicine. After doing M. D. in General Medicine, I did Graduation in naturopathy then a research in Ayurveda. I also did M.sc in Psycho Neurobics. I have been doing Rajyoga Meditation for 15 years. A lot of my medical patients including brother Chandarshekhar reminds me one thing that if we can change our mindset, we can change our body set. Changing mindset it requires exercises which have been labelled as "Psycho Neurobics". Psycho neurobics is a new age frontier. All doctors are agree that we are not only human but human beings say Body, Mind and Spirit. So far all 3000 about therapies, they have got treatment for body but no treatment for Mind and Spirit. Probably Psycho Neurobics is a technique which will address the need of Mind and Spirit. so, we can say that it will be an art of healing for the future generation."

– Dr. Roop Singh, Doctor

"Positive Experiences with Psycho Neurobics"

Since 2011, my vocal cord was paralysed. Before that I was treated by a speech therapist. My elevated sugar level was maintained by a dietician. I have many positive experiences with Psycho Neurobics and would like to advise others to try it too. My experiences include life without stress, a lot of energy, and positive and conscious in life.

– CARMEN RAMPERSAD, – Netherland

"Empowering Mind"

I am Sandeep Singh Thukral. I am a busi­nessman and belongs to real estate sector. I met Dr. Chandrashekharji a little while back and it was a great blessing. He introduced me to Psycho Neurobics and by doing Psy­cho Neurobics I empowered my mind to face the business situations in a better way. It has given me mental peace, happiness and prosperity in my business. My wife have been a B. P. patient and after continuing Psycho Neuro­bics for a month, she is now without any medication. My mother also got seventy percent relief in her joint pain by doing Psycho Neurobics. It is a great blessing on the earth.

– Sandeep Singh Thukral

"Knowledge worth Sharing"

BHARAT KUNDRA, Mr. India 2007 says It was a very good session. We were told about memory power, how to use our mind to its full strength. We were also told about how to increase our energy levels and it was a very enlightening session. I think this knowledge is very use­ful which we can use in any profession. You could be an Actor, a Doctor or an Engineer. If you know how to use your mind properly, you can increase your memory level, you can increase your concentration, you can live your life with more energy and happiness.

– BHARAT KUNDRA, Mr. India 2007

"Psycho Neurobics a Process of Drawing Energy from God"

Mr. SUNIL PAREKH, International Success Coach says I actually attracted towards Dr. Chandrashekhar into my life and he intro­duced me to this new science, new tech­nology that he invented is called "Psycho Neurobics." Once I understood Psycho Neurobics and how it actually helps us to draw energy directly from God. It is essentially the spiritual energy. That is when, I found the missing peace and I actually integrated this "Psycho Neu­robics" into my own work and then I saw startling results. I got the very amazing results in all the participants who worked with me.

– Mr. SUNIL PAREKH, International Success Coach

"Optic Nuerosis cured by Psycho Neurobics"

Dr. V. Bhutani, Former Principal of Pharmaceu­tical College says “In Psycho Neurobics, I have been applying Enlightening Neurobics and Bliss­ful Neurobics. I have been taking the spiritual en­ergy from the Almighty God and I have been giving energy to each and every cell of my body and it af­fected a lot. I got my Optic Nuerosis cured a lot and I recommend Psycho Neurobics to you all.”

– Dr. V. Bhutani, Former Principal of Pharmaceu­tical College

"Amazing Results from Psycho Neurobics"

Dr. Lajpat Roy Mehra, Inventor of Neurotherapy says “After meeting with Dr. Chandrashekharji, I combined my Neurotherapy with Psycho Neuro­bics and it became Psycho Neurotherapy. Treating with the help of mind, patients are getting amaz­ing results.”

– Dr. Lajpat Roy Mehra, Inventor of Neurotherapy

"Cured Heart Problem"

With the grace of the Supreme Doctor and regular practise of Psycho Neurobics, I helped my heart create a natural by-pass and the direction of my life changed completely. The Supreme Doctor not only healed my physical and mental body but also all other factors in my life.


"Cure of Diabetes"

With the regular practice of Psycho Neurobics meditation, I got rid of insulin or diabetic medication. It is an amazing technique which will help everyone to be dependent on inner Invisible Doctor rather than any other physician.

– DR PREM HEERA, MD, Netherland

"Get Rid of Insomnia"

I was suffering from severe insomnia since long. My experience with Psycho Neurobics till now is that I now fall asleep within 5–15 minutes, which is sheer bliss for me. Needless to say, I feel much better.

– RIEKUS DE BOER, Netherland

"Amazing Experience of Psycho Neurobics"

I have had a wonderful experience while practising meditation and other Psycho Neurobic practices taught by Dr BK Chandra Shekhar. I owe my health to SIGFA, Ayurveda and yoga; these took my body to a satisfactory level which the Supreme Doctor gave us with nature.

No medicine can cure a body whose chakras are imbalanced, whose mind is full of negative thoughts, whose aura is weak. So go ahead and experience the miraculous techniques of Psycho Neurobics taught by SIGFA.

– DR VANDANA PATHAK, Ayurvedic Physician

"Helpful in Curing Heart Problem"

For many years I had lower back pain because of playing the violin for many hours each day. Last year, I was diagnosed with heart problems: Atrium Phibrilation, and since then I’ve been taking blood thinners. This made me feel very weak and with low energy. Psycho Neurobics has given me so much of my energy back, less stress, and I am happy now.

– ALMA BADINGS, Netherland

"Miracle of Practicing Psycho Neurobics"

It was no less than a miracle for me as I was bedridden for 10 years. I was diabetic, had high BP and cholesterol, and was paralysed. By God’s grace, I came into contact with Dr BK Chandra Shekhar which changed my life completely. After 10 years of misery, I feel like a human being again. I’m myself again, and independent. My medication has been stopped and I still lost weight. I go to the hospital every three months for monitoring, and the results are excellent.


"Holistic Wellbeing with Psycho Neurobics"

No one can deny the need to overcome many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical challenges. By doing these exercises you heal yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

– MARLOES, Netherland

"Psycho Neurobics Keeps Body, Mind and Soul Happy and Healthy"

Arun Kumar Kundra says this Psycho Neuro­bics is for people from all walks of life. Par­ticular in my profession as an Income Tax Lawyer, it has helped me a lot. I would like to say it as the best form of meditation. It can be helpful to regain the energy of mind. By practical application of it in your life, you can keep your Body, Mind and Soul healthy and happy forever.

– Arun Kumar Kundra,

"Healing of Cancer"

In the month of Nov 2001, I was diagnosed as a case of multifocal plasmacytomas, a variant of multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells (known as blood cancer). Diagnosis wasn't easy. I had a surgery for a lytic bone lesion (initially diagnosed as osteoclastoma - a kind of bone tumor) on my left leg on 8th Nov 2001.The biopsy report of tumor tissue was "Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma" as diagnosed by the Base hospital, Delhi Cantt. We sent a sample to Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, which reported the tumor as Plasmacytoma. Further investigations confirmed diagnosis as "Multiple Plasmacytomas".

By God's grace and practicing psycho Neurobics regularly, I cured all my deadly diseases and I am live testimonial of Chakra empowerment through Psycho Neurobics before all of You.